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Words that rhyme with phalanges

3 syllable words that rhyme with phalanges

arranges exchange's exchanges exchanges'

2 syllable words that rhyme with phalanges

changes ganges granges manges ranges

Words that partially rhyme with phalanges

7 syllable words that partially rhyme with phalanges

electrobiology's indianapolis's institutionalizes

6 syllable words that partially rhyme with phalanges

autobiographies availabilities beneficiaries beneficiary's biotechnologies biotechnology's catacosinos's counterinsurgencies demilitarizes departmentalizes hippopotamuses intermediaries interrogatories irregularities izetbegovic's materializes minneapolis's mischaracterizes municipalities overemphasizes paramilitaries peculiarities polytechnologies responsibilities retrocessionaries revolutionaries sensationalizes unfamiliarities vulnerabilities

5 syllable words that partially rhyme with phalanges

abnormalities aborigines allegiances alphabetizes ambiguities animosities annapolis's anniversaries apologizes appendectomies appendicitis aristophanes azerbaijanis benevolences bibliographies biosciences capabilities capitalizes categorizes christianity's coincidences commonalities confectionaries confederacy's conservatories constantinides constituencies contemporaries continuances counterbalances curiosities demobilizes democratizes depressurizes disabilities disability disadvantages disallowances disappearances documentaries eccentricities endotronics's epitomizes etiologies experiences fiduciares fiduciaries generalities ideologies illegalities immortalizes improprieties inaccuracies inadequacies inconsistencies inconveniences independence's inefficiencies inequalities infidelities insecurities instabilities isomedix's itineraries legitimizes liabilities liberalizes machiavelli's marginalizes methodologies microbreweries milosevic's misdiagnoses misrecognizes monopolizes nationalities nationalizes naturalizes obituaries observatories observatory's opportunities overexposes penitentiaries personalities personalizes possibilities preliminaries principalities prioritizes probabilities proprietaries reactionaries reassurances reformatories reintroduces reminiscences reorganizes repositories retroviruses sebastianis sensibilities sensitivities shalikashvili's similarities solidarity's stockbrokerages subsidiaries subsidiaries' subsidiary's technicalities telesciences tonsillectomies trivializes universities universities' university's

4 syllable words that partially rhyme with phalanges

abilities abolishes absurdities academies academy's acceptances accessories accompanies accomplishes accuracies acknowledges acquaintances activities addidas's addidases adidas's admonishes advantages adversaries advertises advisories aerospace's affinities agonizes albatrosses aliases alimenies alleghenies allegheny's allegis's allegories alliance's alliances allianz's allowances alvarez's ambulances amenities analogies analyzes angeles's annoyances annuities anomalies anthologies antibodies antipathies antiquities antonini's anxieties anybody's aphrodite's aphrodites apologies apoptosis appendages appendixes appliances apprentices archdiocese archimedes arias's armendariz arrearages ashkenazis assurances asymmetries atlantis' atlantis's atrocities authorities authorities' authority's authorizes avalanches aviaries banalities bangladesh's bangladeshi's bangladeshis barillari's baton-rouge's beatrice's benedetti's berlascone's berlusconi's biographies biology's bisuteki's boardinghouses boardingpasses bracamonte's bracamontes brokerage's brokerages brokerages' brutalities brutalizes bugliosi's buonicontis bureaucracies bureaucracy's buthelezi's butulesi's calamities candidacies candiotti's canterbury's capacities capillaries capriati's cardenas's carriers's cassavetes casualties catastrophes categories causalities cauterizes celebrities celebrity's cemeteries centrifuges ceremonies chatihachi's chattahoochee's chronologies cincinnati's cineplex's circumstances citizenry's clearinghouses coalesces coffeehouses columbus's commentaries commissaries commodities commodity's communities community's companies's competencies complexities complicities compromises conference's confidences conservancy's conspiracies contingencies contrivances controversies conveniences corollaries countenances countercharges counterforces coverages cristiani's criticizes crucifixes crystallizes culverhouse's customizes cyberspace's damascus's databases decomposes deficiencies deformities degutare's delicacies delinquencies deliveries democracies democracy's demonizez dependencies dershowitz's descarpentries diabetes diagnoses dictionaries differences difficulties dignitaries diminishes directories disabuses discourages discoveries discovery's discrepancies disparages disparities distilleries distillers's distinguishes disturbances divergences divinities domenici's dominelli's donizetti's dormitories doxologies dramatizes dukakis' dukakis's dukakises dynamics's economies economy's efficiencies embarrasses embroideries emergencies eminences emissaries emphasizes encourages energizes enfranchises enterprise's enterprises enterprises' envisages epilepsies equalizes establishes estuaries evacuees everybody's exercises exigencies expectancies extremities eyewitnesses facilities facility's facsimiles falconbridge's fantasizes fatalities february's fertilizes festivities fidelities fidelity's finalizes firehouses formalities formalizes fraternities fujimori's functionaries fuselages g'vanni's garamendi's gentleladies geometries giovanni's giuliani's gratuities harmonizes hellenizes heritage's hippocrates hostilities hourglasses humanities humanity's humanizes humidity's idealizes identities idolizes imbalances immunities immunizes impurities incidences indemnities indignities indulgences inequities inferences infirmities influences injustices inquiries insolvencies insurance's insurances insurgencies interchanges interfaces intricacies introduces inventories inventory's ionics's ironizes issuances itemizes january's jeopardizes juxtaposes kotsonis's laboratories laboratories' laboratory's lamborghini's lamborghinis lavatories legalities legionaries lineages liquidities localities luminaries lumpectomies lyonnais's machineries macintosh's macintoshes macrophages majorities majority's malignancies margeotes marketplace's marketplaces martinez's mastectomies masterpieces maturities maximizes mcaleese's megahouses memorizes mercedes's mercedeses mercenaries metroplexes militaries military's minibuses miniseries minorities miramax's miscarriages mispronounces missionaries mississippi's mississippis mitsubishi's modalities modernizes monasteries monopolies morricone's mussolini's nacogdoches nakasone's nautilus's necessities neonazis neutralizes nicholas's normalizes obscenities observances occurrences olivetti's olokuei's ordinances ordinaries organizes orphanages otologies outdistances overcharges overdoses overpasses overprices overreaches oversizes overuses pakistanis panopolys paparazzi's paparazzis paradoxes paralyzes paribas's pasteurizes pathologies pavarotti's penalizes percentages performances philanthropies philosophies photocopies pilgrimages pluralizes polarizes porterages powerhouses preferences prejudices presidencies presidency's pressurizes presupposes priorities privileges proclivities propensities prospectuses providence's realizes recognizes recoveries recovery's redundancies references refinances refineries refinery's refocuses refractories reimburses reinforces reliance's relinquishes remembrances reminisces remittances renaissance's repackages reproduces repurchases residences residencies rhapsodizes rigidities rittenberry's rittenhouse's robustelli's rodriguez's rostenkowski's sacrifices salinas's sanctuaries sassafras's satirizes scattergories schenectady's scrutinizes secondaries secretaries secretaries' secretary's securities securities' security's selinas's seminaries shevardnadze's signatories slaughterhouses societies society's sororities specializes stabilizes sterilizes stewardesses subassemblies subcommittee's subcommittees subfamilies submarines's subsidizes summarizes supervises symbolizes sympathizes synchronizes systemhouse's tallahassee's tantalizes technologies technologies' technology's teherani's teheranis telesis's temporaries territories territory's terrorizes testimonies theorizes tolerances tonalities toscanini's transparencies tributaries turbocharges uncertainties unisys's universes utilities utilities' utility's utilizes utterances variances varieties vasectomies velocities vigilantes visionaries waterhouse's westfaelisches westinghouse's wireless's yamaichi's yamauchi's

3 syllable words that partially rhyme with phalanges

abrams's absences abuses accuses achilles achilles' actress's actresses adams's addresses adobe's advance's advances advises affixes afghani's afghanis agassiz agencies agencies' agency's agnelli's agnellis agonies airbus's airforces airspaces airways's ajaj's ajax's akashi's akers's alaniz albani's albany's aldus's alex's alexi's alkermes alleges alleles allergies allweiss's amasses amax's amazes ambushes amex's amnesties amos's amuses anchovies andretti's annexes announces antares anthony's antilles apache's apaches apex's appointees appraises approaches arises armories arouses arranges arteries ashaji's askers's assemblies assembly's assesses assisi's associes atari's atkins's atlas's atlases atrophies attaches attorney's attorneys attorneys' auspices autopsies average's averages avery's avtex's babbage's bahrainis bakeries balances balconies baldini's bandages bankruptcies bankruptcy's barbieri's barclays's barnaby's barrages batteries bellini's bengalis berghuis bertucci's beverages beverly's biamby's biases bihac's bikinis biloxi's biopsies birdhouses birthplaces blackberries blemishes blockages blueberries bodices bofors's bonuses bookcases boomboxes boris's boundaries bowery's brandishes breweries briefcases brothers's bulfinch's bulldozes bulthuis burglaries burgundies burgundy's burriss burundi's business's businesses businesses' butare's buttresses bypasses cabbages cabooses cabrini's cadbury's cadences calories calpers's calvaries campuses canaries candice's canilles canneries canvases canvasses carberry's carcasses cardiges caresses carnegie's carnegies carriages caseze's cassidy's cassini's cassoni's caucus's caucuses cavities censuses centuries century's certainties cetus's cevaxs challenges chambers's chappuis charities charities' charity's chastises cherishes chiles's chimpanzees choruses christmases circus's citrus's claridges clearances clemente's clementes climaxes clubhouses cockroaches collages collapses college's colleges colleges' collins's colonies colony's comanches comedies comedy's comegys comex's commerce's committee's committees committees' companies companies' company's composes compresses comprises concourses condracky's confesses confuses congress' congress's congresses connally's connelly's connery's consciences convinces cottages countesses courtesies courthouses cowlings's cranberries crevices crocuses crosspieces crovitz's cruelties cummins's currencies currencies' currency's cyclades cyclops's cypress's cyrix's dallas's damages daniels's davis's debussy's decreases defarges defense's defenses deities delore's delvalle's demory's denounces densities depresses deputies despises desroches destinies detaches device's devices devinci's devises diaries dickens's digresses dios's discloses discourses discusses disease's diseases disguises dismisses dispatches dispenses displaces disposes distances distresses diverges divorces doghouses dollhouses dominguez donnelley's donnelly's dorothy's dosages douglas's downsizes draperies dreyfus's dynasties earpieces eateries eclipses edwards's elderly's elders's ellis's eloise elvis's embassies embassy's embodies embraces emerges emery's emily's emory's employee's employees employees' encroaches endorses enemies enemies' enemy's energies energy's enforces engages enhances enlarges enmities enriches entebbe's entities entities' entity's entreaties entrenches equities equities' equity's erases espouses essex's ethnos's eulogies eulogy's euphrates evans's exactly's excellencies excesses exchange's exchanges exchanges' excises excuses expanses expenses exposes express's expresses eyeglasses eyelashes factories factory's faculties fallacies families families' family's fantasies farmers's farmhouses fedders's felix's felonies ferruzzi's fetuses finances finishes firebush's fireplaces fisheries flashdances flatfishes florence's flourishes focuses fogerty's forecloses forgeries fortas's fortresses foxworthy's fragrances franchise's franchises frequencies furini's furnace's furnaces furnishes gabrys gadhafi's galaviz galaxies galaxy's galeries galleries gallery's galoshes garages garcetti's gardini's gavras's gazonsky's gearboxes genex's geniuses genovese genovise germany's germanys gillooly's gingrich's gingriches giroldi's givens's goddesses goldfinches goodrich's gooseberries grandbabies greenhouses greenpeace's greenwich's gregory's grievances grimaces groceries guardfish's guesthouses guinness's harasses harmonies harnesses harris's harrises hatcheries hebrides heiresses hennessey's hickories hierarchies highrises hillary's hillbillies hindrances histories history's holvis's homilies hospice's hospices hostages' hostesses hothouses houdini's huckelby's humpherys humphries hungary's illnesses imageries images imax's impinges imposes impresses impulses increases index's indexes indices induces indulges industries industries' industry's infringes infuses injuries instances invoices iraqi's iraqis irises ironies israelis israelis' italy's izansky's jacobs's jarvis's jealousies jefferies' jefferies's jefferys jewfishes jukeboxes justice's justices justices' kaczynski's kansas's kaposi's kasich's keegali's kennedy's kennedys kennedys' kentucky's keresztes khatami's khomeini's kigale's kigali's kimberly's kosmetsky's kosnovsky's koznovsky's kumouri's kuwaitis landmasses languages languishes lansbury's laroche's lawrence's legacies levinsky's lewensky's lewinsky's lewis's lexus's liberties liberty's libraries library's licences licenses lighthouses likenesses limoges linkages litanies lopez's lotteries lotus's louis' louis's loyalties lucas's luigi's luxuries lyons's mahfouz's mailboxes majesty's maladies malawi's manages marcos' marcos's marcoses marcoses' marcus's margolies margoshes margulies marriages martens's martinis martins's massages mastrich's matchboxes matisse's matrices matrix's matrixes matthews's mattress's mattresses maxus's mccaffrey's mccarthy's mccartney's mccleary's mcgalley's mckinney's mckinny's mclarty's mcquethy's melodies melridge's memories menaces mercedes mercury's messages mezvinsky's miami's milwaukee's ministries ministry's minuses mischarges miseries misjudges mismatches misplaces misprices missouri's mistresses misuses mitsui's mladic's monarchies montgomery's morasses morris's mortgage's mortgages mouthpieces mulroney's mustaches mutinies myers's mysteries natchez's necklaces neuroses new-jersey's newbury's niceties nichols's nicklaus's nienhuis nobodies nobody's norris's notices novelties novices nuances nuisances nurseries nynex's o'grady's o'leary's oases obliges obsesses oddities odyssey's offenses office's offices ogilvy's olkowski's olshansky's olshefski's onex's opposes oppresses oranges ordnance's orestes orloski's orlosky's orlowski's ostriches outages outclasses outfoxes outguesses outhouses outpaces outrages outsources ovaries ovitz's owenby's owens's owensby's package's packages palace's palaces paris's parishes parities parodies parrishes partridges passages pataki's patlex's peabody's pedigrees penalties penises penthouses peonies peres's perkins's perplexes peruses pharmacies philips's phillips's phoenix's pickens's pierie's pierrelouis pieties pillages pillsbury's pipefishes pirelli's playhouses pleasantries plumages police's polices policies policy's possesses poughkeepsie's poultices povich's practices pregnancies presages presences pretenses primaries primroses princess's princesses privacies prodigies prodigy's produces professes prognoses pronounces properties properties' property's prophecies proposes prostheses protectees province's publishes purchases purposes pyrenees pyrenees' qualities quandaries quantities queenfish's racehorses radishes radowski's raleses rameriz ramesses rampages rarities raspberries ravages realty's recipe's recipes reduces refreshes refuge's refugees refugees' refuges refuses regency's registries rehearses relapses relaxes releases relishes remedies remisses renounces replaces research's researches resendiz resources resources' responses reuters's reveries reverses revises reynolds's riadys richards's rickles' rissoli's rivalries robberies roberts's robins's rogers's rollins's romances romines rosaries rothmans's royalties royex's sacirbey's safaris salamis salaries sampras's samurais sanchez's sanders's sandoz's sandwiches sansui's sarage's saturday's saturdays saugerties saunders's sausages savages savings's sceneries science's sciences sciences' scorsese's sellars's sentences sequences service's services services' seventies seventy's shabazz's shortages showcases siemens's silences simmons's sitenski's sitenskis skirmishes skyboxes somalis somebody's sophocles soros's sorovski's sotheby's soyuz's specialities specialties sprogus's staircases statehouses steakhouses stefani's stephens's stevens's stoppages stopwatches storehouse's strategies strategy's stratus's stravinsky's strawberries stromboli's subsidies substances subtleties successes sudbury's suez's suffices suffuses suitcases summaries summers's summonses sunglasses sunobe's sunrise's supposes suppresses surcharges surfaces surgeries surmises surpasses surpluses surprises surtaxes swordfish's sybase's sympathies symphonies symphony's synapses synergies synergy's syntex's tamales tapestries tchaikovsky's tehrani's tehranis telex's telmex's tendencies tennis's terence's terraces texas' texas's thackery's theories theory's therapies thomas' thomas's thomases thornberry's thornberrys thornbury's thornburys tiffany's toiletries tompkinses toothbrushes torumi's townhouses tragedies travesties treasuries treasury's treasurys trinity's tripoli's tyrannies udverhye's uliassi's ullyses ulysses unleashes usages vacancies vagaries vanishes vanities vantage's vantages varity's varnishes venice's verges's verities verity's versace's versluis vessels's vestiges victories village's villages vintages virus's viruses voltage's voltages voyages wahines waitresses waldholtz's wallabies walruses wantages warehouses warranties weaknesses westerlies williams's willis's winans's wineries winery's witness's witnesses witnesses' workhorses workplaces wristwatches xerox's xeroxes ybanez yesterday's yesterdays yevlinsky's zarroli's zemeckis

2 syllable words that partially rhyme with phalanges

abbey's aces acme's age's agee's ages aggies aires aldys ali's alley's alleys almys always alys ambriz ames's amy's andes andy's annis antes arby's arches aries armey's armies army's artes arty's ashes ashley's audi's audis axes babies babies' baby's bache's badges bailey's baileys bakey's balis bally's banks's barbie's barbies barclay's barclays barclays' barges bari's baris barney's barneys barry's bases bashes bass's basses batches beaches beauties bebe's beers's bellies benches bentley's benz's benzes berges berkeley's bernie's berries berris berry's betsy's bettes betty's beury's beuys biggies billy's binges birch's birdies birtley's bitches blakeley's blakely's blakeney's blankly's blassie's blazes blesses blitzes blouses blushes bobby's boches bodies body's boesky's boeskys boise's bonnie's bookies booties borys boss's bosses bosses' bounces bounties bourse's bourses bowses boxes brace's braces bradley's bradleys brady's bradys brahms's branch's branches brands's brasses breaches breezes bridge's bridges brinkley's broaches brody's bronte's bronzes brooks's brownies bruges bruises brunches brushes brydges buchi's buddies buddy's buggies bulges bullies bunches bundy's bundys bunnies buoys bures buries burnley's burns's burpees bury's busch's buses bush's buzzes buzzy's cabbies caches caddies cadres cage's cages callies camby's camrys candies candy's cappy's capri's carey's carrey's carries case's cases casey's cashes catches cathy's causes ceases ceres chafee's chances changes charges charles's charley's charlie's chartres chase's chases chatz's cheeses chelsea's cheney's cherries cherry's chevies chevy's chile's chiles chili's chilies chilis chillies chimneys choices chooses christie's christies christy's churches churches' cindy's cities cities' city's clancy's clashes class's classes clauses clinches clines's closes clutches coach's coaches coaxes coffee's coffees cokie's colby's colbys collies commies connie's cookies cooley's coors's copies copley's copleys corpses cosby's couches counties countries countries' country's county's course's courses cowries cox's crannies crash's crashes crazies creases cresses cringes crises cronies crosby's cross's crosses crowley's cruces cruises crunches crushes crutches cruz's cubbies curries curry's currys curses daddies daddy's dailies dairies daisies daisy's daley's dances danis danny's dante's daphne's darby's darty's dashes davies dax's debbie's deis delhi's demi's deniz denny's dewees deweese dewey's dickey's dieses dinges dishes disney's ditches ditties dobies dodge's dodges dodi's doenges doggies doggy's doilies doles's dolly's donkeys dordies dorries doses dougie's downes's downey's dozes dredges dresses duffy's duis dummies duties dyches eases easy's eddies edges eighties eighty's else's elses elsie's emmy's emmys empties entries espy's esses estes etches exes faces fairies fancies fatties faxes feliz fences ferries ferriz ferry's fetches fifties fifty's figgie's fiji's fillies finches finley's fish's fishes fixes flash's flashes fleeces fleiss's flexes flounces flurries flushes foley's follies forbes's forbeses force's forces forces' forges forties forty's forys fossey's foundries frailties france's freddy's freebies freezes freidy's french's frenzies friday's fridays friendly's friezes fringes fuji's funches fuses fusses fuzes gacy's gali's galleys gandhi's ganges garges gary's gas's gases gasses gates's gattis gauges gazes gebbie's geigy's geoffrey's george's georges gerry's getty's gettys ghali's ghitis gibbs's gillies giuffre's glances glass's glasses glazes glimpses glitches glories glosses godfrey's goodies goody's gordy's gorges gorky's gottis grace's graces grammy's grammys granese granges grannies grasses graves's gravies greece's gridley's griffey's grizzlies groppy's gross's grosses groupies grouses grozny's grudges gruis guernseys guesses guez's guineas guises gullies gumbi's guppies gurney's guses gushes guthrie's gypsies h's h.'s hades hailes haiti's haitis haley's hamley's hani's hanley's hany's hardy's hariz harley's harries harry's harvey's hatch's hatches hawley's healy's heavies hedges heiges heinz's helms's helmsley's helmsleys hendry's henley's henleys henry's hentges hermes herpes hershey's hesse's hinges hippies hirsch's hiss's hisses hitches hoaxes hobbes hobbies hockey's hockney's hodge's hodges hollies holly's holmes's holtz's honeys horses horses' hoses house's houses houses' howie's huffy's huggies hughes's humphrey's humphreys hunches hurries husky's hymies hynes's ices ickes ickes' inches inches' indies inglese ishi's itches izzy's jacki's jackie's jacky's jaime's jaimes james's jamie's jaymes jefferies jeffrey's jeffreys jeffries jellies jelly's jenny's jerry's jersey's jerseys jesse's jimmy's jobs's jockeys joey's johnnie's johnny's johns's jollies jones's joneses joske's journeys joyce's judge's judges judges' judy's juices julie's junkies juries juries' jury's karges karis kathy's kearney's keathley's kelley's kelli's kelly's kellys kerrey's kerry's khakis kiddies kidneys kilby's kingsley's kinsley's kirby's kirgiz kisses kiwi's kiwis klages kluge's knox's konzi's korry's krebs's krispies kristi's laces lackeys ladies lady's lampreys lance's landry's lapses larry's lashes latches latelies launches laundries laurie's leach's leaches leary's lease's leases leashes lecli's ledges leeches leeds's lefties leibniz lenses lenz's levees levies levy's liddy's liedtke's lilies lilly's lindsey's lobbies lobby's lockneys lodge's lodges loges lonsky's looses lori's lorries loses losses lounges lowndes luce's lucky's lunches lunges luntz's lurches lynch's lynxes mackie's macy's macys mages maglis malis manges manny's manzi's maoris mapi's march's marches marks's marlys marries mars's marsh's marshes marti's marty's martz's mary's masses match's matches mathies mathys matthes matthies matthys max's maxis mazes meese's menges menzies mercies merges merlis meshes messes mickey's midge's midges midi's mills's mimi's mimis minces minges minis minnie's mises misses missus missy's mixes mize's moises molly's mommies mommy's monday's mondays money's moneys monies moniz monkees monkeys monte's montes moody's moonies mosses mounties movie's movies mrs mrs. mulches mummies mummy's muniz murphy's murphys murray's muses muskie's nancy's nannies nash's navies navy's nazi's nazis nazis' neises news's newsies niches nicky's niece's nieces nike's nikes nilges nineties nineties' ninety's nixes noises noses notches nudges nurse's nurses nurses' oakley's oldies ollie's ollis oozes orgies ormsby's ounces pace's paces paddies paddy's page's pages paisley's pansies panties parties parties' party's passes pastries patches patsies patties pattiz patty's pauses peaches peasey's penney's pennies penny's pepsi's perches percy's perry's perses petrie's petteys petties phases phelps's phillies phrases phyllys pieces piech's pierce's pies's pisces pitches pitts's place's places pleases pledges plessey's plunges plus's pluses polly's poly's ponies pooches poppies poppy's porches porges porsche's porsches poses posses prairie's prairies praises prances preaches presley's press's presses pretties price's prices prince's princes prizes prodi's proxies psyches pudgie's pudgies pulleys pulses punches puppies purges purses pushes pusses pussies pygmies quarries queries quincy's quizzes rabes rabies race's races raffi's rages rainley's raises raleigh's rales's rallies rally's ramsey's ramseys rance's ranch's randy's ranges rashes reaches readies reese's reeves's refsnes reilly's reitzes remis rhodies rice's rich's riches ridges riley's rises ritcey's ritchey's ritchie's roaches robbie's robby's roche's rockies rolls's romney's rookies rooney's rose's roses rosie's ross's rouse's rowdies royce's royces rubies ruby's rudi's rudis rudy's ruis rupees ruses rush's rushdie's rushes rusty's rustys s's s.'s saatchi's sachs's sadie's saens's safeties safety's sages saggese saks's sallies sally's salvi's sami's sandy's sari's saris sarney's sashes sassy's sauces saudis saudis' schutz's sconces scotches scotty's scourges scratches screeches sculley's seabees sealey's searches sears's seizes selies selies' senese senses sentries series series' sexes shanties sharpies sharpy's shelby's shelley's sherri's sherry's shirley's shoney's shortz's showbiz sieges silfies sitzes six's sixes sixties sixty's sizes sketches slashes slices slouches smarties smashes smilgis snatches sneezes soliz soltys sonny's sony's sophie's sorties source's sox's spaces speakes's species species' speeches spices spinfizz spinks's splashes splices spouse's spouses squeezes stages staley's stances stanley's starches stealthies stearns's stitches stooges stories story's strauss's stresses stretches studies study's sturges stymies subs's suisse's surges susie's suzy's swatches swishes switches sydney's taki's talkies tallies tandy's tax's taxes taxes' taxi's taxis teaches teases techies teddy's tengiz terese terry's thatches theses thinnes thirties thirty's thrashes thrushes thursday's thursdays tilly's times's tippy's tisch's tish's toby's toenjes tommy's tony's tonys torches tories tories' tosses touches tourneys traces tracy's trashes treaties treaty's trenches tresses trolleys trophies trudges trusses tuesday's tuesdays tummies turkey's turkeys tushes tutsi's tutsis twenties twenty's twinkies twitches urges uri's uses uys uzis valley's valleys varghese varies vases vaxes veggies veliz verdi's verges verses vices vicky's vinci's voges voice's voices volleys vons's voorhees voorhies vorhees vorhies wages wally's walsh's washes washi's watches waxes wedges wednesday's wednesdays weeklies weekly's weintz's weiss's welch's wellies wells's wenches wendy's wheaties wheezes which's whiskeys whitney's whizzes wickes's wiles's willie's wishes witch's witches woody's woolsey's worries worthies wrenches wrigley's wyse's x's x.'s x.s xerxes yanez yankee's yankees yankees' ydstie's yepez yerkes yeses yummies yuppies zaley's zandy's zises zlotys zombies

1 syllable words that partially rhyme with phalanges

does his is

Here are a few rhyme generator examples:

uncharacteristic, waterstein, selves, dillon's, ingested, salvatori, soeder, containers, dailies, hoose, aimetti, hunan, dualisms, dolomites, saxony, avalon's, ethelinda, injury, cupples, cloverleaf, dog.

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