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Lambchops (film) Quotes

Lambchops (film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Lambchops ended its run in 1970.

Lambchops (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Lambchops (film) is 8 minutes long. Lambchops (film) is distributed by Warner Brothers.

Lambchops (film) Quotes

  • (George the Boyfriend) "What did you take up at school?"
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "Anything that wasn't nailed down."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "If you're so smart, name three different kinds of nuts."
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "Walnuts and chestnuts."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "That's two."
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "And forget-me-nuts."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "Lovely."
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "Yeah, I have brains."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "You have?"
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "Yeah, I have brains I haven't even used yet."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "Well, leave 'em alone and don't bother with 'em. If you had another brain, you'd have one."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "You know, I think you're very nice."
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "Yeah, and I'm smart too."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "Well, that's the finish of that."
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "George, you're silly."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "I'd rather be silly than be dizzy"
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "Oh, I'm not dizzy, you know."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "No."
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "No, I've come to the conclusion I'm very bright."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "Oh, you made up your mind you're bright?"
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "Yes."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "So, you know all the answers and you're not dizzy."
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "No, I'm not."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "You are, you are plenty dizzy."
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "I am not."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "You look to me like you're always up in an aeroplane."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "You're too smart for one girl."
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "I'm more than one."
  • (George the Boyfriend) "You're more than one?"
  • (Gracie the Girlfriend) "Yeah. My mother has a picture of me when I was two."

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