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Check and Double Check Quotes

Check and Double Check is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Check and Double Check completed its run in 1970.

It features William LeBaron as producer, and William Marshall (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Check and Double Check is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Check and Double Check is 77 mins. long. Check and Double Check is distributed by RKO Radio Pictures.

The cast includes: Freeman F. Gosden as Amos, and Charles J. Correll as Andy.

Check and Double Check Quotes

Freeman F. Gosden as Amos

  • (Freeman F. Gosden) "Hello, Ruby; - dis here is Amos."
  • (Charles J. Correll) "Da guy wid da EGG-SHAPED HEAD."
  • (Freeman F. Gosden) "Da guy wid da egg-shaped head; - I mean, I mean; - sorry, Ruby -- hold da phone a sec. Andy, will you please leeme 'lone? You is getting me messed up. Sorry 'bout that, hunny; - Andy got me messed up dere -- Oh, yeah, Ruby -- I LIKES to dance wid YOU - --"
  • (Charles J. Correll) "Da gal wid da BIG FEET."
  • (Freeman F. Gosden) "The gal wid da big feet; - I mean, I mean; - sorry about dat, Ruby -- Andy got me messed up that time. Anyway, I would love to go dancing with you. Well listen, Ruby - --"
  • (Charles J. Correll) "Will you shut up?"
  • (Freeman F. Gosden) "Will you shut up? I mean, I mean; - oh-waaah -- oh-waaaah -- oh-waaah. Hold on a second, Ruby. Andy, will you PLEASE let me alone? Sorry, hunny -- Andy got me messed up again. Well, listen, Ruby - --"
  • (Charles J. Correll) "You big fat head"
  • (Freeman F. Gosden) "You big fat head. I mean, oh- wauhh, oh-wauhh, oh-wauhh. Hold on a sec, hunny. Andy -- will you pleeeeeeeease leeme 'lone? All you is doing is gettin' me all muh-muh-mih-muh-miggs-mixed up."
  • (Charles J. Correll) "Well, okay, but remember that that is a BUSINESS TELEPHONE."
  • (Freeman F. Gosden) "Oh, I know that, but you don't need to holler at me ALL da time; -."
  • (Freeman F. Gosden) "Sorry about that, hunny -- I just got messed up again. Hello Andy; shut up, Ruby; - I mean -- ohh-WAAAAAHH -- oh-WAAAAAHHHH -- oh-WAAAAAAAAHHH --"
  • (Freeman F. Gosden) "I mean, hello, Ruby -- sorry about all that; Andy got me messed up again. Well, anyway, yeah, I really will look forward to seeing you at that dance tonight."

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